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“DO I need a relationship coach”

If you are worried about any kind of relationship you have in your life, be it romantic, platonic, or work-related, it could be a sign that communication has broken down or that something in that relationship needs addressing.

Wanting or needing to work with a relationship coach isn’t a sign of failure. Being open to admitting that there is an issue, that you want to work on a relationship, or that you hope to strengthen bonds are all signs that you value your relationship and want what is best for it and everyone involved. Seeking relationship coaching can be seen as a sign of strength and dedication.

What's the difference between relationship coaching and relationship counselling?

While the two terms may seem similar, relationship counselling and relationship coaching are fairly different. While counselling can focus more on the past or present, working with a therapist, you are more likely to focus on understanding and resolving past issues, emotional pain, and how previous relationships, traumas or events may be affecting current relationships.

With coaching, the focus is more centred around present-day problems, issues, and your future. Through working with me, the approach may be more results or goal-oriented, seeking to solve a specific problem, and set specific goals or milestones.

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