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Couples Coaching

No relationship is perfect. Whether you’ve been together for 10 months or 10 years, chances are you’ve seen the odd snag in your partnership – the argument that comes up again and again, the nagging concern you’re yet to address. Relationship problems are totally normal, but there may come a time when you ask yourself if you could benefit from professional support. 

Not so long ago, the standard option for this type of help was couples counselling. Now, however, there is a range of options available, including couples coaching.

Coaching is a versatile technique that can help in lots of areas. In couple’s coaching, these will be identified by the couple, either before they come to the session or during the sessions themselves. 

Here are some examples of areas couples coaching can support:

The first step to change is understanding the obstacle in your way. This may sound easy but, within the complexities of a relationship, it can be tough to clearly understand the problem. Couples coaching can help you take a breath and dive below the surface to uncover the true obstacle. Once you know what it is, you can begin work on moving past it. 

Communication is at the heart of all relationships and it can often be a stumbling block when something is wrong. There may be a lack of communication or a conflict in communication style. As a couple caoch, i help you identify what the problem is and the best way to move forward. Together you can create a plan to help improve communication and help you reach your relationship goals.

When two people in a relationship have very different values and visions for the future, it can cause conflict. We don’t always get the space to dive into this however and learn if this is the case. In couples coaching, there’s an opportunity to pinpoint your core values and what you want your future to be. You can discuss any conflicts here and work on bringing your values and future vision into alignment with my support and guidance. 

This can become a problem in any relationship but it can often crop up in long-term partnerships. We all grow and change over time and sometimes it can feel like you don’t know your partner as well as you used to or that you take each other for granted. Through couples coaching, you can explore each other again and figure out small ways of appreciating one another more. This helps to eliminate any built-up resentment and make for an overall happier relationship. 

Many of us will try and work through relationship problems ourselves, and sometimes we can. Other times, though, we need external support. The benefit of working with a third party is not only the chance to get an outsider’s perspective, but I can also act as a mediator. Having a non-biased party can ensure everyone is heard and that blame isn’t unfairly put on one person. When this third party is a professional, trained to support couples, the benefits increase.

My role isn’t to judge your relationship or tell you what to do. Instead, I will create space for you to explore what’s working and what’s not. Using coaching techniques, I will help you uncover the best solution. Every couple is different and it’s important that you work out what’s best for you.

Working with me gives you the added benefit of working with someone who has experience. I will no doubt have come across a range of relationship issues in my work and know how best to support and guide you towards your desired outcome. 

As coaching is action-orientated and typically solution-focused, you may well find you see results quickly. This will require you to put in the work and to be open and honest within the sessions, but when you do this in coaching you can see changes take place sooner.