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Friendship Coaching

Throughout the course of our lives, some of us are lucky enough to meet people along the way who we simply ‘click’ with.
Perhaps you meet someone who happens to like the same things as you – a love for rock music, or maybe a passion for wildlife – someone who you can talk to for hours. Or perhaps you don’t have much in common with this person, but you admire their qualities – their sense of humour, their positive outlook, their down-to-earth attitude. Friendship, like love, is built on a feeling – an instinct that tells us when something fits.
Although the feeling of friendship can come naturally, the development of a long-term friendship requires time, effort and compromise to become something durable and long-lasting.
Sometimes, friendships can become sour and filled with resentment. No matter how long you’ve known someone, sometimes the best thing you can do is to go your separate ways.

Friendship coaching helps you with all kinds of issues in this area, including: