Life Coaching & Counselling Diploma – Level 2

by Prof. Abdur Rehman


Our Life Coaching & Counselling Diploma offers a comprehensive program that provides a full overview of life coaching and counselling. By completing this diploma, you will gain the skills and knowledge to diagnose your clients correctly, help them overcome their fears and limiting beliefs, heal from past trauma and emotional scarring, and shift into a new confident mindset. You will also learn effective techniques for helping clients overcome addiction and phobias and attain desired habits permanently. This program is designed to help you understand when to coach and when to counsel your clients, ensuring that you are equipped to provide personalized support that meets their unique needs.

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The Life Coaching & Counselling Diploma is a comprehensive course that provides students with a thorough understanding of both life coaching and counselling. Upon completion of this program, students will have a full overview of the various techniques and approaches used in life coaching and counselling. They will also learn how to determine when coaching or counselling is most appropriate for a client and how to correctly diagnose their clients’ issues. Students will acquire skills to help clients overcome fears, limiting beliefs, addiction, and phobias, and to assist them in healing from past trauma and emotional scars.

Furthermore, the course covers effective strategies for helping clients shift to a new identity and achieve desired habits permanently. With this Diploma, students will acquire the tools and techniques they need to provide clients with the support and guidance necessary to achieve their goals and overcome obstacles. This program is ideal for individuals interested in pursuing a career in life coaching or counselling, as well as those who wish to improve their own personal development skills

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Life Coaching & Counselling Diploma

By Completing this Diploma you will learn the following… ✔ Full overview on Life coaching and Counselling ✔ Understanding when to Coach and when to Counsel your clients ✔ ​How to Diagnose your clients correctly ✔ How to get your clients out of fears and limiting beliefs ✔ How to help your clients heal from past trauma and emotional scarring ✔ ​How to help your clients overcome addiction and fobia ✔ How to help your clients shift into a new dently & attain desired habits Permanently


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by Prof. Abdur Rehman

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